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Paul Langille plays the guitar unlike anyone I’ve ever heard. He has an exuberant strumming style that no one since Roy Clark has mastered. His songs go from ridiculous to deeply, heartfelt. And his voice is so husky it can pull a dog sled. Then there’s his irreverent sense of humour. Put them all together and you have a killer show.

Do not miss Paul Langille.

Wendell Ferguson CCMA Hall of famer


“I had the pleasure of hearing Paul recently in my home town of Wakefield Quebec. He and Paul Sims knocked it out of the park to an audience that didn’t know his name but immediately recognized the depth and quality of his music. This is the kind of place run by musicians that has Willie P. Bennett album covers on the wall. Of course I knew what to expect from my old friend but it was great to see it ratified.”

Doug McArthur, Singer/songwriter, videographer, recording engineer, actor and writer, Wakefield PQ


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