Pine and Locke

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New CD - Pine & Locke
This stunning new CD, featuring a stellar cast of players, pays homage to Paul’s hometown roots. His unique vocal style is particularly evident in the heartfelt Broken and Just a Broken Soul. He also kicks it up a couple of notches with a driving bluesy beat in Kind of Girl.


Life after December

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Life After December
This re-issue of a stellar performance album takes you on a journey through the many musical roads that Paul Langille has travelled.

“Life after December” is a truly inspired CD, filled with performances that sing and speak volumes to the listening heart. With clarity and passion every song takes the listener to the heart of the matter, what matters to Langille. This journey travels from songs of Old Boy’s Singing to Lost Blues and Loves, and the hardships of the working man. All executed with energy, sensitivity and an honesty that only comes with years of road and life experience. With a voice that embraces, comforts and excites Langille delivers the whole package. A package titled “Life After December”.

Listen to Track 2:  Words Like Adore


Same Way … Different

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Same Way Different - Reissue
is an intimate dialogue between a man and his audience, using only his voice and guitar, sharing the secrets of each song…. LIVE and on Stage.

Broken String Solutions is proud to present another reissue of the music of Paul Langille. Paul’s CD, SAME WAY…DIFFERENT, shows his energy and drive and all round musicianship, in a live setting. Recorded live at the Train Room, Dundas, Ontario and the Whiteoak Folk Club, Oakville Ontario, this recording captures the many moods and styles of Paul Langille – from the power and speed of “Dance with me”, to the soft tenderness of “What’ll I Do” and the earthy blues feel of “Your Sky is Falling”.

This recording includes a never before recorded Stan Rogers song, “Candles in the Morning” and a song by Willie P. Bennett, “Testimonial”. This is the only known recording of this stunning song and we included it here for your listening pleasure.

Paul lets the audience in on his sense of humour with a somewhat dark, grizzly and tongue-in-cheek version of the famous children’s song, “Teddy Bears Picnic”. He travels all the emotional trails with this CD. Like “Life after December” his last CD, Paul highlights his versatility and mastery of voice and guitar, showing his
understanding and natural ability to interpret any song he takes to his heart.

Listen to Track 3:

Willie P. Bennett’s “Testimonial”

and also Track 9:

An amazing interpretation of the classic “For What It’s Worth”


Tears of a Thousand Years

Tears of a Thousand Years
These are songs of strength, courage, love and hope.

Proceeds from this CD will go directly to various funds to assist worldwide efforts in helping those whose lives have been forever changed by the tragic events of September 11, 2001.

To the songwriters, musicians, producers, manufacturers, promoters and artists who gave freely of their time and talent to help make this project a reality – we thank you all.

Listen to Paul’s track: There is a Time

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